Scheduling protocol for PET/CT with 18F-choline examination

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There is an alternative examination to the PET/CT with 18F-choline for the diagnostics of prostatic carcinoma (staging, restaging, therapy planning, biopsy planning). It is an examination using 68Ga - Gallium PSMA (prostate-specific membrane antigen). This examination is characterized by a high specificity and sensitivity and when compared to PET/CT with 18F-choline it has a 10 % higher diagnostic accuracy. It is necessary prior to the radionuclide therapy of prostate carcinoma metastasis with 177Lu/90Y – PSMA. Currently, it is fully covered by slovak health insurances.

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Diagnosis and detailed health information on the patient:

Radiotherapy focused on prostate, event. prostatic capsule.:
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preparation as in a CT examination with the administration of contrast agent is necessary for the PET/CT examination with a fully diagnostic CT. See the patient’s preparation.

Important! Allergy to choline:

It is necessary to submit written findings from previous examinations or images (CT, MRI, USG…), ideally on a digital medium (CD, DVD, USB key…)

Does the patient use METFORMIN?:

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